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MNJ Medical is proud to provide world-class medical transportation to healthcare appointments for those who do not have transportation readily available to them. We were founded in 2021 in Clifton, New Jersey. Our primary focus is providing non-emergency medical transportation in local communities that need more adequate access.

Our state-of-the-art communications process allows us to dispatch drivers real-time to patients in need. Our combined years of non-medical transportation service allow us to provide our customers the ultimate transportation experience efficiently and effectively. We are constantly innovating and finding new ways to ensure you get to your destination safely and in a timely manner.

Understanding how important medical appointments are for your health, our team at MNJ Medical is committed to providing excellence in everything we do.

Why Choose Us

Our Years of Experience

The founder of MNJ brings extensive expertise in transportation and healthcare to the company. He values professional training and as such, all drivers are certified in CPR and MAVO (Mobility Assistance Vehicle Operator) to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.  

Your Independence

At MNJ Medical, we understand that an enhanced quality of life involves being able to live on your own, independently; hence, we strive to reduce transportation barriers for wheelchair passengers.It is time to enjoy the simple pleasure of going where you want to, and easily getting where you need to be. Why miss out on anything? Enhance your life today!

Affordably Priced

MNJ sets fair prices without skimping on value. Our premier transportation service offers the highest quality personnel, administration staff, dispatchers, and NEMT drivers you will ever encounter.Every single team member is highly vetted to ensure we provide excellent standards of quality care. We meet all your needs without breaking your wallet!

Our Vision Statement

We believe in creating safe, sustainable, and inclusive access to healthcare services, increasingly providing for the needs of the communities we serve, while holding steadfastly to our core values.

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  • Physician appointments
  • Dialysis
  • Other treatments
  • Rehabilitation
  • Hospital admissions and discharges
  • Facility transports
  • Mental health visits
  • Senior centers
  • Over 55 communities
  • Family gatherings
  • Local events and venues
  • Tourism
  • Airports and transportation hubs
  • Shopping malls
  • Pharmacy
  • Religious meetings
  • Extended travel
  • And more

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