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Welcome to our wheelchair transportation company! We provide safe, reliable, and professional Wheelchair transportation for individuals with special needs.

Regular and Bariatric Wheelchair Transportation

Serving Bergen County, NJ, and Surrounding Areas

Extended Travel Upon Request



Ensuring your safety and comfort, all our drivers are CPR & MAVO Certified (Mobility Assistance Vehicle Operator)

Wheelchair Transportation Services

You can count on our professionally trained staff to get you to your appointment on time and give you or your loved ones the assistance you need.

Not all trips are medical. Dont miss out on life events! Get where you need to go with ease! MNJ will transport you for your daily needs too.

Your Peace of Mind Matters


Rely on our combined experience in both non-emergency transportation and the healthcare field.


Regain your autonomy! Start enjoying life to the fullest with confidence.


‍We lead in excellence while offering competitive pricing for all your transportation needs.

About Us

MNJ covers all your medical appointment needs with our comprehensive non-emergency medical transportation services.
Our adaptable options enhance the healthcare in the communities you live, work, and play. As our client, getting you to your destination safely and timely is our number one priority. We ensure the highest standard of quality and customer service with every ride and are equipped with everything you need along the way.

T ZuritaT Zurita
20:01 23 Jun 23
When Modivcare screwed up our transportation reservation for my amputee father. I called several companies (ghetto too lol) and finally called MNJ and they were a life saver! Very professional and on time. And came thru at the very last minute! 👍👍👍 Excellent Service!
Rosemary GarwoodRosemary Garwood
23:18 19 May 23
Jorge Escalante of MNJ Medical Transportation not only safely transported me, but patiently helped me to navigate the confusing outpatient care system at two surgical centers. When you book a colonoscopy nowadays, it's like booking a flight with an airline. The hospitals & outpatient centers keep changing the time of your procedure, because they have to rent expensive machines & need to keep them going. So when other patients cancel, they move you up. It's like musical chairs.If it weren't for Jorge, I probably would have given up & not had the procedure. It's by no means an exageration to say he is kind, reliable, supportive, patient, & easy to work with. You need a friend on your side when you book a medical procedure. I must have talked to him on the phone ten times!He personally escorted me to the surgical center & assured the nurse that he'd be there to pick me up.No matter where I go to have medical work done from now on, I'm going to call Jorge. I know I'll be in good hands, get there & picked up on time, & everything will go smoothly. He knows the ropes of these hospital operations. He won't let you flounder, he'll be there for you, & you'll feel safe & in good hands.
April KlemmApril Klemm
19:08 18 Apr 23
We used this service to transport an elderly friend for an in-office procedure. This was our first time ever using a service for transport. Everyone was friendly and caring, from the gentleman I worked with to set things up by phone to the folks who came out for transport. Our home health aide who went along for the ride said it couldn’t have been easier from start to finish! Thank you so much. This service is a Godsend for us.
Gary AluGary Alu
17:15 29 Mar 23
Jorge and his team were punctual and extremely professional from the first phone call to bringing my mom home.I highly recommend MNJ for your non emergency transportation needs....
Jossy CruzJossy Cruz
03:13 09 Feb 23
Excellent service!! I had a surgery 5 days ago and needed transportation to my doctors appointment and I’m so happy I contacted MNJ Medical Transportation. They were here 10 minutes earlier. He brought his wheelchair. Wheelchair me out my apartment in a safely manner. Then wheelchair me to my doctors office and back home. Excellent service! I would pay for my safety and comfort all over again. Rather be safe than sorry. Thank you so much for your amazing service!
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